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Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams

Client Relationship Manager

Jerry Williams has an expansive career of growing small business across a myriad of industries—everything from strategy to operations to accounting. He is a data-driven entrepreneur with a keen eye on the money. Prior to joining Balam Wealth Management, Jerry did some consulting work for hedge fund managers and Fortune 500 companies…all while completing his MBA.

After years of referring family and friends to Joel, it was only a natural decision that when Joel said he looking for someone to join the team, Jerry quickly threw his hat in the ring.

Family is important to Jerry; he loves his wife and two kids. Jerry spends his extra time hanging with his little ones before they tell him he is no longer cool. He also enjoys poker tournaments and playing golf. Jerry is very excited to bring his talents to Balam Wealth Management. If you have a question reach out to him; he will find the answer.