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Insurance Planning

Insurance companies get a bad rep, but there are policies that can help protect you against a variety of risks.  Through insurance planning, a financial advisor can help you determine what risks require mitigating and the policies that may better suit your needs.

Planning Process

Before making any decisions, we complete a full review of your personal goals, current finances and potential risks. Some common risks include divorce, death and disability. From there, we consider your budget and allocate this to the policies that may better suit your needs. Our clients often choose the following:

  • Life insurance
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance Business insurance

Benefits of Insuring Risks

Insurance often plays a key role in retirement plans and estate plans. In some cases, policies might be legally mandated by other matters. For instance, divorcees who pay alimony1 or child support often need to name their exes or children as beneficiaries on life insurance policies. Similarly, if you suffer from chronic illnesses or have a particular lifestyle that may lead to disabilities, later on, long-term disability can help you maintain a good standard of living.

Insurance Planning Services

At Balam Wealth Management, we are committed to creating a plan that benefits your personal and business goals. Contact our team for more information.

1 Forbes - Don’t Forget Life Insurance During A Divorce

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