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Modesto Family Case Study

Christopher and Molly, 49 & 43

Problem: prepare for retirement, manage their investments, and leave a legacy.

The Challenge:

Christopher and Molly both worked at Novo Technologies (Christopher in Marketing and Molly in Recruiting). They both have had great, solid careers, invested wisely, and live modestly (own their cars outright and carry little debt outside their mortgage).

They currently hold a variety of investment accounts, including 401ks from their employers, stock options, an ESPP, and multiple brokerage accounts.

The challenge? They weren’t sure how to manage it all when it comes time to retire. In addition, Christopher was weary of financial advisors after dealing with an overly-salesy advisor a few years back who did not have Christopher’s best interest in mind.

Balam Wealth Management's Solution:

After meeting with a few financial advisors in his area, Christopher knew he wanted to work with an advisor carrying the NAPA & CPFA® titles, and one that was located in his area.

Once sitting down with Balam WM, their goals were clearly documented and a personalized plan was starting to come to fruition. And most importantly, they felt heard and not sold to.

  • An comprehensive retirement plan that allowed them to live life on their terms
  • Management of all their investments
  • A realistic legacy plan that gave Christopher and Molly the freedom to decide what they would provide for their child.

The Value:

Christopher and Molly feel an overwhelming sense of peace about their financial life. Without the fear of messing up their investments, they are able to focus on work and other priorities until it comes time to retire. Plus, the Balam Wealth Management team has invited Christopher and Molly to invite their kid to some of their financial planning meetings to teach her the importance of investing, financial literacy, and start the family wealth conversation early.

Note: The above case studies are hypothetical and do not involve an actual Balam Wealth Management client. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Balam Wealth Management is engaged to provide investment advisory services.

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