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&#160; <br />Not everyone can be a SmartVestor Pro

Not everyone can be a SmartVestor Pro

As SmartVestor pros, we are committed to educating and empowering you by focusing on the long term.

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What is a SmartVestor Pro?

SmartVestor Pros are financial professionals that follow Dave Ramsey’s teaching and have been vetted by Ramsey and his team. To be selected for the SmartVestor Pro program, financial professionals undergo a detailed interview process and assert the ideal way to build wealth and save for retirement is debt elimination and long-term investment.

Why Use A SmartVestor Pro?

With all the different types of financial professionals out there, Dave Ramsey felt it was important to create a directory of financial professionals he trusts. SmartVestor Pros provide advice just like Dave Ramsey does. I want to be a reliable partner in your financial life, someone you feel comfortable with and someone you can trust.

Adhering to the standards of the SmartVestor Pro program, I provide financial services in an easy-to-understand manner. My biggest goal in helping you achieve your financial objectives is that you understand clearly all your options and opportunities.

Since I am an independent financial professional, I am not biased toward any company or carrier. This means that I seek plans, strategies, and opportunities that are in your best interest.

Contact us today to learn how we can help maximize your retirement strategy

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