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Our Goal Is To Make Financial Planning Simple

Balam Wealth Management is a family practice devoted to helping other families work towards financial goals and independence through our comprehensive services.

Welcome to Balam Wealth Management

Balam Wealth Management is a family practice devoted to helping other families work towards financial goals and independence through our comprehensive services. Our goal is to make financial planning simple for both individuals and companies establishing retirement plans for their employees. Whether you’re at the beginning of your professional journey or nearing the end of it, we’ll prioritize your needs to help ensure your financial plan aligns with your goals.

Our first step, always, is to listen. This isn’t just the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do. It allows us to better serve you and makes it easier for us to prioritize your goals and your needs.

Reach out to us today so we can set up an appointment to speak with our financial advisors. Whether you’re an individual or operate a business, we look forward to getting to know you and helping to build wealth management plans that help you pursue your goals.

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Developing Clearly Defined Paths To Help You Pursue Your Goals

We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning through our variety of services

  • Employer Retirement Planning

    Most employees expect that a retirement plan will be part of their benefits package, yet many of them feel that even with these plans they are not on track to meet their retirement savings goals. Let us help you help your employees with their retirement goals.

  • Investment Management

    Investment management requires long- and short-term strategies for handling both your financial assets and your investment portfolio. An experienced financial advisor can help you develop a solid investment plan.

  • Business Succession Planning

    No matter how much you love your business and the work you do, you dream of passing the responsibilities on to someone else. We work with our clients to complete business exit planning and determine what exit strategies may better suit their needs.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

    Managing your financial future and growing your wealth requires a thorough and thoughtful approach to financial planning. Our team helps you understand how these components work together to create your individual outlook and assists you in developing a comprehensive financial plan.

  • Insurance Planning

    Insurance often plays a key role in retirement plans and estate plans. In some cases, policies might be legally mandated by other matters. At Balam Wealth Management, we are committed to creating a plan that benefits your personal and business goals.

Meet the Balam Wealth Management Team

We want to get to know you like you’re a member of the family.

Brandon Karp

Brandon Karp

Client Service Associate

Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams

Client Relationship Manager

Molly Weldon

Molly Weldon

Operations Associate

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Marketing Consultant

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